Guitar picks are available in a seemingly unlimited range of size, material and thickness.  There are plastic, nylon, felt, tortoiseshell, metal, bone, wood, glass, stone, and rubber picks with round or sharp triangular edges ranging from 4/10ths of a mm to the ultra-hevy 2 mm. Follow the guide below to narrow down the field and decide on […]

As we’ve learned, the twelve notes of the chromatic scale contain all other scales and chords. The scales used in composing music are formed by extracting notes from the chromatic scale, based on their musical intervals, to create a smaller pattern of notes.   The diatonic scale is the most widely-used scale in music. Also known as the major […]

Western music is comprised of twelve notes. Why you ask? Roughly 2600 years ago the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras sought to apply mathematical equations to musical notes. Taking a string of 12 inches and allowing it to play open, where would we find the octave along that string? Directly in the middle of the string […]

Understanding intervals is essential to understanding how music is built. An interval refers to the distance between two pitches and that distance is used to contruct scales and chords. Technically speaking, an interval is the ratio between the frequencies of two notes. Combining the various ratios successively or simultaneously creates scales and chords, respectively. The smallest interval between […]

Simple answer; when the strings go bad. But how do you when the strings go bad? As you play, dirt and oil from your hands transfers onto the strings. Eventually they’ll start to lose their luster. The strings will sound dull and it will be difficult to stay in tune. You may also see discoloration […]

Replacing guitar strings is an inconvenient task that every guitarist must do. Strings wear down, losing their character and ability to hold a tune. Here’s an easy, three-step guide that will have your guitar back to its proper form within 15 minutes. For a detailed diagram of a guitar and its parts, click here. 1. […]